Why Coaching?

Why Coaching?

Reason #2: World of acceptance starts with you

Author: Muddassir

In my humble opinion the world of acceptance starts with you and me…
You don’t need to love people or hate people you just need to learn to accept them the way they are. Leaders, parents & teachers don’t need special skills to identify ‘potential’. They need eyes, ears and heart to accept people the way they are, the way they are made unique in their own ways.
The world needs more ‘listening’ ears than expert advise. Societies need more acceptance and less judgements.
Families need more enabling environment and less controlling. And respecting each other’s space yet being available when there is a need. Employees need more guidance and less instructions. Organisational leaders need mastery of asking powerful questions and less of telling.
Learning the skill of coaching will massively support you in your professional life and most importantly, will make a huge difference to your personal life too.

An invitation or challenge for you – just do it and please share your experience with me (muddassir@thelittlegiants.in)

Being where you are right now, the next time you are in a conversation with a loved one or colleague PAUSE and ask yourself

“Am I really listening to what he/she is saying”
“What is currently happening for me as I am listening to him/her (the loved one or colleague)?”
“How can I understand his/her intention as they are saying what they are saying?”
Pay attention to “What are they saying and not saying, and the way they are saying it?”


With open arms I am inviting you to experience what coaching is like for you. Sign-up for a free 30mins 1on1 coaching for you to get a taste of it. Book your slot.

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