Why Coaching?

Reason # 3 – Balance Quotient the game changer

Author: Muddassir

A Coaching engagement in its true form helps you find ‘balance’. You get a view of your life from a distance which gives you an opportunity to introspect. Whether you are working with a life coach or an executive coach, this happens by default.

If you are wondering what do I mean by ‘balance’ then it can mean different things to different people. For some it could mean balancing the real most important holistic priorities of life; for some, it could be balancing time investment in all that they do and for some, it can mean finding emotional equilibrium in their overall outlook on life. This could result in finding a central point of focus, a higher purpose.

Balance can change the way we operate our life.

If you pay attention, this world operates on autopilot mode due to balance. The sun, the moon and the entire universe functions seemingly from the existence of balance. Whenever the universe loses its balance that results in a natural calamity like a tsunami, earthquake, etc. And interestingly, our body, mind and soul operate in balance. When we lose balance in our body, mind or soul we fall sick. If we pay attention to the sickness through medication or meditation or prayer or may be a combination of it, we find balance again. Balance is normal. The imbalance isn’t in any form size or shape.

The world today needs balance badly and so do we in the way we live life. For example, whether it is burning the midnight oil at work at the cost of less sleep or other higher priorities of life. Whether it is an excessive focus on material things at the cost of losing the inner peace. Is it worth it?

Finding balance and maintaining it gives inner joy and peace, which is far greater and permanent than the momentary happiness you may get by gaining or achieving things in life by losing balance.

Most people realise this very late in life, but you have an opportunity to take stock of your life and check your ‘Balance Quotient’. Like an auditor who reviews the financials of an organisation, you have a choice to review your ‘life’ holistically. When you do that, trust me, you will pleasantly surprise yourself.

Balance Quotient (BQ) is the game changer and the need of the hour for humanity in general across the world.

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  1. Om 5 years ago

    I love the BQ concept, just reinforces the fact about EQ being more important than IQ In current times and the term BQ seem to fit so perfectly. Very well written Muddassir.

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