Life’s most precious gift – ‘the moment’

Life’s most precious gift – ‘the moment’

Author: Muddassir

Do you know most people either live in their past or in their so-called future?. Very few people live ‘in the moment’ which is the present. The fact is, very few people understand the significance of ‘the moment’; the truth of life can be discovered only in the very moment, not in the past or future.

Most people are too worried about their to-be future, the dream state, the world they wish to create, or live in the time they think exists. And there are many who were stuck in the past, yesteryear laurels or brooding over their scars. Any logical human being knows they can’t change their past nor control their future, yet most live in an illusive world. Far away from the reality of the present. The scariest part is some don’t even know or realise it till they face their final moment of life. And some are blissfully ignorant by choice.

The past is like a whirlpool which can suck you in so deep you can’t even imagine before years pass-by. The future is like a magic show where everything seems attractive and compelling. Both past and future have a mesmerising effect. Interestingly, the present moment from the outside looks plain vanilla, just another day effect! The hard reality or truth of life lies in this vanilla moment, which can be unattractive yet gives you the power of ‘choice’. The ‘choice’ to write, paint, spell the way you want it to be because it’s your moment. You own every millisecond of it. Nobody can take that away from you unless you throw, lose or donate it.

The greatest minds in this world who have ever lived knew the secret of life. The power of living in the moment. The pleasure of relishing the moment. They knew the art of focusing in the moment, tapping into the treasures of the moment inside oneself and outside in the environment. And they knew how to wallow in the moment and let go of the past and future.

Are you aware where have you been living most of the time? Past, future or present?

Given a choice where would you like to live?

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